Catching theives in the act!

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Theft from building sites in the UK costs our industry over £800m a year and has a huge impact on those of us that have to deal with the impact of the disruption and cost.

Our Enterpriser CCTV system, which was developed in-house by our IT & Plant teams, is now a standard feature on our site set-ups and has already saved us tens of thousands of pounds since its roll out in 2020. Just this weekend we caught and deterred a targeted and well-planned attempted theft on site, leaving the thieves empty handed and the police with a clear photo of their faces. We hope this will help in the wider fight against those who cause such distress to so many people.

Our thanks to our team here who attended site out of hours, to the police and to our fantastic IT and Plant teams who are so pivotal to the smooth running of EJT.

Security Control Room