After the Event! Mount Snowdon Challenge

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Read an account from Les of how they go on with their challenge.

An account of the weekend from Les Davidson:

We arrived at Llanberis campsite on the Friday evening, myself around 1830, mark arriving later about 2200h after problems on the M6. Set up our tents for the evening and enjoyed both the peace and quiet and the view across the campsite to the mountains. It was a mostly clear evening with a light breeze and a full moon.

Getting up at 0630 after a relatively good night’s sleep, we had breakfast and a hot drink heated up on our respective camping stoves and proceeded to pack our rucksacks’ for the climb.

We had arranged to meet the team from Crawfords at 0800 at the Snowden Mountain Railway and to move out from there.

Moving to the Llanberis path, we started our ascent at around 0830. The steep start was a bit of shock and an indication of the climb that was ahead. Moving past the pub at the start/finish point we moved up the path until we turned left on to the mountain track proper. At this point the weather was overcast and cool, almost perfect walking conditions really, not hot and definitely not raining. Looking up towards the summit though, the clouds were gathering.

We stopped at, what was referred to as the Tea Room, a stone building to the right of the path after around an hour for a break and a drink, the flask of hot chocolate that id had the foresight to pack was very welcome at this point as was ever present standby of Kendal Mint Cake. Mark, having never tried this before, was suitably impressed with its sugar content..

The next stage of the ascent is where I started having problems. Leaving the ‘tea room ‘ the slope steepened rapidly, it was here that I managed to pull a muscle at the top of my left leg and the resulting injury made the rest of the ascent a slow and rather painful event.

Reaching the top of this section we stopped again near to the what I took to be a weather station before passing under the Snowden Mountain Railway and turning right along the path and beginning yet another steep ascent. At this point the weather started to close in and in what was rapidly becoming poor visibility, down to 30 or so feet in either direction, Mark and I continued our climb towards the Summit.

We reached a Stone marker which pointed the way to the summit where we stopped, I put on dry t shirt and fleece and Mark and I had our pictures taken.

We then continued on our way to the summit a further 10 or so minutes’ walk.

The actual summit of Snowden was shrouded in cloud and so the famous view was non-existent. I made the final ascent to touch the Trig point after queuing for approximately 10 mins and took a couple of photos to record the event. 4 or so hours to the top, not a record by any means, but we got there and that was the point.

After a rest and a visit to the Restaurant, yes there is one on top of the Mountain, Mark and I started our descent. My leg, had by this time stiffened up considerably, making the journey down the mountain a slow and by this time, a rather arduous task, for me at least. Mark going ahead had to stop numerous times and allow me to catch up.

We finally got out of the cloud and were able to remove our jackets, another quick rest at the tea room and then the final push to the pub for a well earned beer and a sit down.

Was it worth all the pain ?, definitely. Would I do it again..? Where do I sign up.

We had the privilege of climbing the highest peak in England and Wales, raising money for charity and having a damn fine time doing it. Yes it was tough, Yes it was hard, but nothing great is ever achieved easily.

Mark and Les at the Summit