Topping out ceremony

E.J. Taylor & Sons Limited was established in 1963 by Edgar James Taylor and his two sons Michael and Bob, with the help and support of the rest of the Taylor family. Committed to providing employment for both themselves and the local community, the family has worked hard to build a good reputation and to be proud of the company that exists today. Along with his children Samantha Peck and James Taylor, Bob continues to direct the company. With teams specialising in their own specific areas, E.J. Taylor & Sons Limited is able to offer a wide portfolio of works, provided to the same high standards it always has and to employ many local people and businesses.

The family connection does not end with the direct “Taylor” family. 15% of our staff can count a family member within our organisation. We are a company that can be trusted, is loyal and will provide a lifetime of stimulating and rewarding employment. Many of the employees who leave us find that the grass is not greener and return home to EJT. Some staff members have been here in excess of 35 years, with us being their only employer, the reason being that we look after our people.

As a recent starter said “I love it here, it’s the best move I ever made.” He then brought his son on board.