Structured for longevity

EJ Taylor & Sons are structured on the traditional approach to contracting with directly employed PAYE staff and tradesmen whilst owning our own freehold premises, major and minor mechanical earth moving plant and machinery as well as minor plant, workshops, vehicles and site accommodation etc.

This traditional approach demonstrates, together with the family progression, that EJ Taylor & Sons does not have the common stance of companies today, which are kept deliberately lean with little asset and can therefore be folded with little consequence, but has the necessary depth of financial reserves and experience to manage, control and properly administer its affairs with the view to be here in another fifty years through recession hit times as well as more lucrative periods.

Typical of this approach is that during 2011, at the height of the recent recession and on a reduced company turnover, EJ Taylor & Sons made the acquisition of a distressed company specialising in insurance remedial works. This provided another insurance sector division to the company alongside the civils, major build, and small works divisions. By the nature of insurance works this remains a constant income stream irrespective of economy fluctuation, now having greater exposure to this sector will allow our business to continue trading throughout the longer periods of future recession. This Insurance division subsequently required significant financial support and expansion to become a profitable department which was achieved in early 2014.