Key statistics

Employee head count and turnover by financial year

Financial Year Employee Count Turnover (£m)
2012/13 101 10.8
2013/14 145 15.6
2014/15 195 20.0
2015/16 187 26.5
2016/17* 265 40.0

*current employees/projected turnover as at Feb 2017

Employment and Vehicle Stats

  • 81 of our 265 employees are based at our Mill Works head office, the rest are site based
  • We have a fleet of 128 vans and 49 cars, as well as a comprehensive fleet of large and small plant.
  • Average age of our employees is 39 years old.
  • With one eye on the future our division heads have an average age of 40 years, ranging from 27 to 50. Recruited from within the company these key figures understand the core qualities and methods that make us tick. 
  • Rapid expansion over the past couple of years has resulted in a large employee base with under 2 years’ service. However, 1/7th of our workforce have been with us over 5 years for a combined total of 531 years, that’s an average of 14.75 years.
  • 11% of our workforce is female.
  • 25% of our senior management (dept. manager and above) are female.
  • Over 10% of our staff can count a member of their own family within the organisation.
  • Over the course of 2016 we have had an accident rate of 0.00006% in relation to hours worked.

Total spend within the local district (Maldon)

We are proud to support local businesses and the people they employ.

Calendar Year Spend (£m)
2012 1.67
2013 1.44
2014 1.90
2015 2.24
2016 3.06